Grandma Lives Alone In The Last Moments Of Her Life With A Lovely Fat Cat: She Doesn’t Need Anything, Just Having A Cat As A Friend Is Enough

As people get older, they appreciate the last moments of life more precious than ever, with the grandmother in the story we share below, choosing to stay with the fat cat for the rest of her life. The image of two nieces and nephews entwined with tangerines moves people



Through the photos that the photographer recorded, the lonely daily life of the old woman became… Shouldn’t it be more colorful thanks to a friend who is a cute fat cat who is always around left?



I don’t know if he has any descendants or is with anyone but in the pictures. The photographer recorded, in the quiet street, there was no sign of a young person, only old women with two hair, wandering beside their cats.



However, they still don’t feel sad, as long as there is always a cat to keep them company, their old age

She also doesn’t feel lonely anymore. The fat cat was placed in a stroller by her grandmother, dressed and cared for and cared for like a baby



Like a habit, no matter where she went, the fat cat followed. And she sat in the room resting, watching TV, or even chatting with friends … her arms were unconsciously reached to stroke the cat lying next to her. It is not difficult to see that in most of the photos, the old woman often comes down to kiss her beloved cat on the head. A kiss is full of love and respect for her loyal friend who has always been with her, no matter how many years have passed, and how many people have left, only it remains.



After the photographer shared daily photos of the Korean grandmother and the cat

On social networks, many people have expressed their admiration for the two’s affection. There are many residences

Netizens also hope that when they get older, they will be able to live a light and normal life quite like her; no need for anything, just always have a lovely cat.

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