Grandpa goes out every day to sell sweets in the company of his puppy

Dogs will always be our best friends; They are faithful, loving and no matter what happens, they will go with you everywhere. This is the case of Sol, a little dog who accompanies his owner every day to sell sweets in the center of Mexico City.

A young woman who was passing could not resist sharing some photos and a nice message from this tender pair. Later, they went viral through the Kan Kan Canine Esthetics Facebook account .

The best work team

The message invites others to buy sweets for the man or give the puppy some food.

The reason for my publication is that every day, rain, cold or heat, you always bring your best friend and partner. With the little he sells, he buys his envelope of loose croquettes. I invite you to support him by buying him some chewing gum or giving him some food for his puppy if you are on the subway base. Trust me it would be one less concern for him. Give it a leg.

Waiting for you, but warmly dressed

While his owner sets up his makeshift stall and offers his chewing gum, little Sol remains on the floor, but well wrapped up and even with a little plant next to him to make him feel at home. Cute!

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