He Kissed His Rescuer To Thank For Giving Him A Faith In Humanity After Years Of Neglect

Wilmer DG and Other volunteers of a local shelter in mexico were on the way to rescue a poor dog that roamed the streetsand  lived his very hard days starved and stray.

He was malnourished, his skin is rough, he can’t even find food because of the dirt. He was hungry and shy but this dog is very friendly.

His leg was injured and he was in pain, but no one helped this pure soul.

Wilmer try to get close to him and building his trust …the poor dog was very friendly and was also happy to accept.

He was eventually taken to a vet. E was eagerly eating, he just needed care and a good meal. We picked up the super sweet boy, who was very safe at the shelter. After one month, the sweet dog was getting better and better

Thanks to the sponsors who supported him, thank you all for caring for this handsome prince.

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