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Here’s My Handsome Brown Siberian Husky Who’s Traveling With Me Across The US In Search Of A New Home (25+ Pics)

Have you ever seen a Siberia Husky that just looks like a wolf? If not, you should meet a god boi, named, Quoi. He is a handsome husky that has brown fur and blue eyes. OMG!

Okay, so he also has white spots in between. But c’mon, how many huskies have you seen that look like him? He is surely different from others. That’s why in just a few months, Quoi has created a sensation on Instagram with his good looks.

This cutie does not just have killer looks but he has also traveled the lower 48 of the United States. Well, that’s one more reason to get jealous of him, right?

Scroll down to this beautiful furry angel.