Hero Dog Suffers Terrible Burns As She Rescued Four Patients From A Hospice Fire

A dog saved the lives of four patients after she ran inside the building to raise the alarms.

The hero dog named Matilda was pregnant and got several burns after passing the carbon monoxide fumes. Matilda raised the alarm after the fire began at Vasilek shelter in St Petersburg, Russia. The four patients were successfully rescued from the major hospice fire, but the dog underwent several grievous injuries.

Alexander Tsinkevich and Elena Kalinina were the two volunteers who rescued Matilda. Her condition was quite serious, and she was groaning and crumbling with pain. “Despite several appalling burns, she endured everything like a hero,” said a reporter.

Animal campaigners in St Petersburg are looking after Matilda, and they’re hoping that she will recover soon.

She has got savage burns at the abdomen, face, and neck. Experienced fertility specialists examined her and said no damage had been done to the puppies, and they’re developing well. However, the number of babies growing inside her can not be confirmed yet as she’s a big dog.

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