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Hilarious And Desperate Texts From Mad Exes

A breakup can be sometimes a normal thing to do between two people and they can end the relationship on good terms. But sometimes things don’t go as you may have planned because of your exes, who may give you a hard time moving on with your life. Even if you don’t talk to them anymore and start to erase them from your mind, they will find a way to ruin your day.

These peoples find it very hard to move on with their lives and will try anything to come back at yours.

1. Give him your dog’s phone number to save yourself.

2. No one can say no to a free ride!

3. Technology does not let them separate so easily.

4. Bro she forgot you a long time ago.

5. Who the hell eats pizza in the middle of sex?

6. What did you expect? Wait For you All His Life?

7. Maybe he Is sorry.

8. There was a violation!

9. She played reverse card.

10, That’s a big NOPE.

11. So no hoodie was given back that day.

12. They know each other so well.

13. Rumors Say to start moving with your life.

14. At least he accepts it.

15. She used divine powers!

16. You played this bad as Fu*k

17. She destroyed him with only one reply.

18. Everything that he watches remembers you!

19. That was a great fridge poem!

20. At least he has a great sense of humor.

21. She got exposed.

22. That’s a serious curse man!

23. Someone got trolled really hard.

24. Everything for a better cause.

25. What are you looking for man?