Honduran White Bats Are Captured On Camera In The Costa Rica Rainforest

Have you ever seen white bats that are not albinos? They were just born with white fur and skin like other bats of their species. Some people may think that these unique creatures don’t exist in nature. But they do.

The Honduran white bats are worth introducing. Supreet Sahoo, a professional bird photographer spotted these bats in the Costa Rica rainforest and caught them on his camera.

These white bats also come by the name Caribbean white tent-making bat and Cotton ball-bats. They are very small. Believe me, the images you see are the maximum size these bats ever reach. The size of males and females doesn’t vary much.

Honduran white bats can be found in Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. They are very difficult to spot and are now listed as near threatened on the IUCN list.

Supreet has that luck, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He found these cuties while walking through a rainforest in Costa Rica during one of his photo walks.

You can watch the video of the white bats that Supreet filmed on his camera below!

These cute little cuties are caught roosting under the leaves of the Heliconia plant. They form a small group of about 6-7 bats in a roost and live quietly.

Regarding the diet, these white bats feed on leaves where they inhabit throughout their lives.

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