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Illegal consumption of pangolins in China would be the source of the coronavirus outbreak

Scientists at a Chinese university linked trafficking in pangolins to the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. After spreading through China, the contamination spread across the world. Pangolins are the most trafficked animals in Asia and are endangered.

They would be intermediate hosts between the bat and the human being. The pangolin has no symptoms, but transmits the virus. The contact of this little animal with the contaminated feces of bats and, afterwards, its capture and consumption, would be the answer.


The scientists announced that this discovery has “great significance for the prevention and control of the origin”. An analysis was made of the coronavirus genome found in pangolins. It is 99% similar to what caused the pandemic in humans .

A thousand animal samples of wild pangolins were evaluated until the result was obtained. The outbreak may have started at an illegal market in the town of Wuhan.

Pangolins are the most trafficked animals in Asia

This small, beautiful mammal is found in Asia and is threatened with extinction. Even so, mass slaughter continues. The animal is sold around the world and smuggled. The keratin scales are used for medicinal purposes.

Studies are carried out to compare with more animals. According to other experts, the data collected is still not sufficient to complete the connection of the pangolins with the coronavirus.

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