It really works: the gosling considers the farmer to be his mother, because he saw him for the first time in his life!

One humble farmer from Kajang, who asks to be called simply Muhammad, told the story of the gosling Hazelin. He himself is not friendly with new technologies, so his 12-year-old daughter takes and uploads photographs. Hazelin was born this summer and, just like in fairy tales, he was the first to see the farmer himself and decided that he was his mother. So they live together!

Hazelin was originally an ugly, though not an ugly duckling

The farmer had a goose that laid an egg and began to incubate it. But then she suddenly disappeared – after searching, Muhammad came to the conclusion that she had become a victim of a python. She built an impromptu incubator – for a single egg! And in due time he helped little Heiselin to break the shell. And so it happened that the first living thing that the hatched gosling saw was Muhammad. Everyone, you are my mom!

In science, this is called imprinting, and this phenomenon is actually not uncommon. Maybe Hazelin does not consider the farmer to be a goose mom, but the closest creature in the world – that’s for sure! And nowhere not a step away from him, and Muhammad tries to look after the bird. After all, Hazelin is such a charming and close to his heart pet!

Then Malaysia was enveloped in a haze from forest fires, which was the main topic of discussion. In English, the haze is “haze”, so the goose was named “Hazelin” – Hazelin. He became a favorite of the whole family, and although he is still quite small, Muhammad is already thinking of making him a trained goose. To be different from the stupid village birds and not get stupidly into the soup, at least. In general, a well-bred goose will always come in handy on the farm, it’s not for nothing that there is a legend about how geese saved Rome!

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