It Was Trapped By A Hunter That Was Unlikely To Survive, But A Miracle Happened

We are used to wild animals that can take care of themselves. However, human activities often pose a danger to animals. So, a lynx living in the forests near Vilnius fell into a steel trap set up by poachers. It can’t get out on its own.

Conversely, each movement will tighten the noose around its neck tighter. With such a collar, the animal will not live long. The inhabitants of a neighboring village learned about the lynx in trouble. They decided to find a way to save it and release it. When people approached to help it out of the trap, it thought it was in danger and defended itself.



So, the lynx begins to show signs of aggression. Although helpless, the feral cat is still ready to attack people if it feels dangerous. The trap holds it very tight. Maybe they had to cut the trap with an axe. Some men used wooden sticks to pin the animal to the ground, others removed the web from its neck.




The animal turned out to be so strong that it took five adult men to pin it to the ground. Twenty minutes later, the big cat was free. The lynx simply lay exhausted on the ground about 10 minutes after being rescued. It can be heard breathing heavily. Gathering up the remaining strength, the big cat stood up on all fours and quietly left the place that nearly took its life.

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