Joe Biden To Bring Back The Pets To White House After 4 Years

George Washington was the first US president to keep dogs as pets at the presential residence. After that, almost every President had a pet. Donald Trump was the first president in the last 100 years who did not have any pets. There was no dog in the white house for four years under his presidency.

Joe Biden, now after four years, will bring dogs back to the White House. He had two German Shephards, Champ and Major. As President Obama in 2008 promised his two daughters a puppy if he won the election, Biden also promised his wife the same thing.

Bidden bought Champ from a Pennsylvania breeder and was named by his granddaughters. Champ is the part of Joe Biden’s family since 2008. Champ stayed with Biden at his U.S Naval Observatory when Joe was Vice president.  Joe Biden faced criticism from many people for buying a dog instead of adopting it. Later in 2018, Joe adopted a dog from the Delaware Humane Association.

Joe and Jill named the rescued dog “Major.” As Joe set a record to get the most votes, 75 million – Major will also be the first-ever rescued dog to live in the White House.

After Biden won the election, DHA wrote on Facebook that Major, a German Sheperd pup was not well, and we asked for help; President Joe approached us and showed his interest to foster the dog.”

Major and Champ are often seen on the official accounts of Joe and Jill. During the election campaign, among so many different promises, Joe also promised to bring dogs back to the White House. Trump was the first president in the last century to not have a dog. He said that he doesn’t feel good walking a dog at the White House. The former American President, Mr. Obama, also had two dogs with him throughout his eight-year presidency.

Keeping pets has been a tradition of US presidents since the very beginning. “Biden’s fostering a dog is a testament to how concerned are American’s about animal rights,” said Mr.Hager

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