Kitten found in the cold becomes a strong cat with a friend he always wanted

newborn kitten was abandoned in the bitter cold. A person managed to rescue him just in time, after hearing his cry, took the kitten inside to warm him up a bit and seek help, and contacted Saving One Life , an animal rescue center that answered his call immediately and placed the kitten with a foster family equipped with an incubator to help him get stronger.

When Caroline Grace, a shelter volunteer, received the kitten whom they named Toby, she was in quite critical condition, so for the next three days Caroline spent all the time next to the little one trying to cheer him up.

The shelter volunteer told Love Meow :

“He was hypothermic and unresponsive. Newborn kittens are so fragile.

Kitten found in the cold turns into a strong cat

Thanks to Caroline’s care and love, Toby managed to regain his energy and in a few days he was purring happily all over the place, he was animated and a little curious when he shared with his humans.

Caroline says:

Toby has purred nonstop since he was five days old!

After a while, he was moved to a new, larger space with lots of toys for fun. The kitten was curious and quite mischievous, he loved to climb on the legs of his keepers as soon as he had the opportunity.

Caroline remembers:

“If he needed something (going up or down or more food) he would let me know by looking directly into my eyes and yelling.”

The rescue center volunteer considered that she could help him meet a friend of his size to play and hang out. Toby enjoyed following his humans wherever they were inside the house.


After the quarantine period, Caroline finally introduced the kittens to Toby in the hope that they would become good friends. The little one seemed somewhat restless and did not know how to behave in the presence of the other cats.

Caroline adds:

“I had never met other kittens and did not know how to play like one.”

Without realizing it, he soon befriended the kittens and was enjoying playtime and long, comfortable naps with his new friends. One of the newcomer kittens, named Penny, was interested in befriending Toby and decided to follow him and win his affection.

Caroline assures:

“She received him immediately and was the first friend she fought with. They became fast friends and soon became inseparable.

These foster siblings are perfect together and support each other at all times; they are always around to cheer up, play and discover new adventures together.

The volunteer says about the little ones:

“When Toby sees Penny snuggling with someone, he wants to join. Penny is a bit more shy and scared of new things, but once she sees Toby do it first, she feels more comfortable and confident. “

Caroline says that fortunately these two kittens will never have to be alone, they found a forever family where they can continue to discover the world side by side.

In a posting on account Instagram of Baby Kittens Foster wrote:

Toby and Penny just went home forever !! They were adopted by the sweetest family. They are the only pets in the house and they are already spoiling with all the toys, food and love!

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