Kitten with his head bowed overcame all obstacles and now has the home of his dreams

A sweet rescued orange kitten was transported to a veterinary hospital in Massachusetts, USA. The boy was found wounded alone, and also had a back injury as a result of an attack he received from another animal. Regardless of the difficult experience he had gone through, the little tabby showed great spirit.

The kitten needed specialized care for his wounds, so the veterinary clinic contacted Tara Kay, founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary , hoping she could give the little orange a little help.

He was called Murphy, and luckily he was perfectly fine despite what had happened. He was a very friendly boy, he wanted to receive love and his purrs were activated as soon as they hugged him.

Tara told Love Meow :

“We have a lot of experience in head trauma cases. He was four weeks old and weighed only half a pound. “

Kitten with a bowed head overcame all obstacles

Tara took over her care and started feeding the kitten with a syringe during the day. She took him with her to work at night to continue caring for him and feeding him to help him thrive quickly.

Tara tells:

“His head is permanently tilted, but his eyes are clear and his vision appears normal.”

Murphy was a little hugging lover; he always wanted to be carried or carried like a baby all over the place, and he always wanted the love of everyone around him. Soon he began to gain weight and strength, his wounds were healing quite well, and in no time he became more active and explored every corner on his own.

The foster mother said:

«He is very intelligent and has the sweetest personality. He purrs all the time and loves to be held and cuddled. “

The kitten quickly discovered his personality and became curious and playful; He had an incredible appetite and began to grow noticeably. He may have a little tilt in his head for the rest of his life, but it doesn’t at all stop him from doing things like any other mischievous and curious cat.

Murphy is quite a warrior after his visits to the vet and has fallen in love with everyone who comes close to him.

A vet named Adina, once she met him, instantly fell in love with the little boy. Murphy snuggled into her side and let out her adorable purrs.

Tara mentioned:

“She wasn’t looking for a cat per se, but I think she just stole her heart. It is so special, quirky and sweet. You can’t help loving him when you meet him.

It was a great process on the way to his recovery, and Murphy now called Mr. Bean has moved into his new forever home with a loving family and has grown into an amazing teenage cat.

The charming Bean enjoys his large shark bed, receives a lot of attention and has a mother in love who takes care of everything the kitten needs.

The adorable feline has grown quite a bit since his adoption, and still enjoys attracting the attention and pampering of everyone around him, he is a great spoiled.

You can learn a little about the work carried out by  The Odd Cat Sanctuary on their Facebook  and  Instagram accounts .

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