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Kittens Found In Garbage Bags In The Hospital Toilet Shocked Medical Staff

A medical worker was shocked to see inside a bag found in the women’s restroom of a hospital in Oneonta. This case happened in one of the hospitals in New York, a perfectly normal day until the sounds echoed throughout the corridor.

One of the paramedics went to the sound and a few minutes later, in the toilet, he found a large bag, looked inside, he was dumbfounded on the spot. There are kittens inside the plastic bag.



The cats are of different ages, ranging from 2 days to 3 weeks old. The baby’s umbilical cord is still sticking out. A total of 19 kittens, all of whom were rushed to the animal shelter, and all volunteers working for free were called in to help. Kittens must be weighed, checked, and fed!

Fortunately, the babies were all quite well, no injuries, no dehydration, were detected in time. Different ages sorted the kittens, so the volunteers concluded that these were three different litters of newborn kittens.

The cats after being raised in the animal shelter began to feed, they managed to send adult cats to good families. The remaining cats are not exposed enough to make them shy they will send to a new home after they are older. All kittens are gaining weight perfectly and are healthy, so they will soon find their owners.