Let’s See The Sudden Change Of This Stray Cat Picked Up On The Street

Picked up a stray cat on the street and brought it to grandma to make her a friend. Who would have thought that a year later, when I came back to visit the cat, now a pig, it was not good, the boy’s story made many people excited.

The funny story was shared by an account on social networks. The guy picks up a kitten on the street. But due to busy work and his allergic to cat hair, the young man had to carry the animal into a foam box and bring it back to find its owner.

“Ask around but no one feeds it, I’m going to take this cat to adopt pets. Thinking all morning, in the afternoon I intend to take you to Tay Ho

At noon, the grandmother brought fruit. Seeing that I left her in the yard, she asked about it.

After listening to me, she said “no one has adopted it, let me take it home”. My grandmother also loves dogs

very cat. Before, your uncle brought home a dog that his grandmother said he ate too much and ate only beef, so she couldn’t raise it. So she brought the cat home,” the young man confided.



The funniest part of the story is as follows:

“Being away for a while, I went to the South to do business, now when I return to visit my grandmother, I see a cat lying on a chair, at first I thought it was a neighbor’s cat.” Overplay, when I asked her at home, she told me “The cat you gave me, that’s him”.

She said it goes very slowly now. People keep asking her if she’s 10 years old, she looks old and fat, and it rolls or crawls. She even joked and told the truth “it’s only 9 months old” but no one believes her. Exactly 9 months guys! “.



The ending was beyond the boy’s imagination. The tiny cat abandoned on the street today has changed unbelievably. He’s noticeably fatter, even his belly is full of fat. With such an oversized weight, it can hardly move as fast as other cats.

Putting the past and present photos side by side, netizens burst out laughing at how different they are. Just the guy. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, should I be happy because the cat is “cool” or sad about the cat? Eating too much leads to a lot of trouble.

“Does auntie have magic that turns cats into ‘pigs’? The current cat looks scary, fat

too much, lost all the original cuteness”, shared T.Y account

“Eating to fullness causes many diseases. You should advise her to stop and do diet, no

the owners are also crazy! “, another commented.

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