Little Blind Cat Crawling In The Middle Of The Road Trying To Find A Chance Of Survival…Is There Any Miracle For It?

This cat may not have survived, but it was fortunate because, along the way, it met people who could not see injured but did not save. The cat had just crawled along the road because its color almost merged with the color of the roadbed, and the fact that it was noticed could be called real luck.

When people see the cat on the side of the road, it seems quite scared, because it can’t see anything, it doesn’t understand what is happening, but as soon as the person caresses it, the cat immediately calms down. The people who helped the cat did everything to make it recover. The cat was bathed and fed, they made him a couch to offer.



Unfortunately, the cat’s injuries did not go well on arrival at the veterinary hospital. Veterinarians determined that the eye infection had developed too much to be cured and could not be operated on because the kitten was too weak. One needs to take care of it and monitor it for several days.

The cat was later named Mushroom and thanks to special care, his body was better but still had to be monitored. As the cat gets better, it will be surgically removed by veterinarians to remove both damaged eyes to prevent the infection from spreading and causing further pain.


Mushroom does not see anything around, but this does not prevent the cat from living a full life, filled with love and care. The playful and energetic cat, Mushroom has learned to navigate space with sounds and smells.

Mushroom lives with the family that saved her life. The cat becomes the owner’s pet and despite everything, its life is still full and happy.

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