Look At The Look On The Cat’s Face When It Scratching The Motorcycle Saddle, And Then Like Nothing Happened, When Questioned By The Owner, He Turned A Blind Eye As If It Was Not His Fault: “The Weather Is So Beautiful Today”!

The moment the cat’s face was blank as if nothing happened when standing next to the car that was scratched and the seat was scratched, making many people laugh, its deep acting level must definitely be awarded the “best actor” award right away today.



It turns out that the sinful reactions of cats are identical to those of humans. Recently, a user named H.G shared a clip of the moment the orange cat Sam was both funny and cute.



Today, the cat’s owner took it to work on the weekend, convenient to go to the supermarket to buy some things, so he tied the cat on the sidewalk for the boss to take care of the car.

When he returned to take the car away, the guy was surprised to find his saddle in a torn state because of scratches. And the scene at that time was no one other than the cat sitting next to it, so all doubts were focused on the bewildered cat



Although the owner was both angry and angry, he calmly approached the pet cat to ask for clarification. But look at its innocent and innocent face, even the cat does not dare to look directly into the eyes of its owner. Perhaps it is tormenting its conscience because of the above action but it does not want him to suspect that he did it.



Cat: “Wow! the weather is so beautiful today”

Owner: “Who, who tore the saddle?”

Next, this cat’s reaction was even funnier, the owner stood for a long time observing it, waiting for it to reveal an opening to force it to confess but no. The cat looked at the sky, looked at the moon and looked at the stars, bored, but did not dare to look directly into its owner’s eyes. Maybe somewhere he knows that his owner will be angry and take him to eat pate for a whole week because of his foolish actions, so he pretends to not know anything.



Cat: What are you looking at, I sat here without moving for an hour and then the online community laughed: It did not dare to look the owner in the eye, and the image made netizens laugh:

“Hahaha, first time seeing a naughty cat know it’s wrong, but won’t admit it”

“Looking at the whole world, but not seeing the owner standing in front of me”

“It’s true that it doesn’t dare to look straight, it must be afraid of being hit”

“Does it look like it’s scared, innocent and innocent?”

Despite causing wrongdoing, the pet cat’s reaction made people laugh because of its lovely action, perhaps because it knew it was wrong, so the owner of the car couldn’t bear to punish it but loved it more!

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