Looks What Happened With This Beautiful Cat? Does It Hurt, My Boy?

Once abandoned by his owner because of scoliosis and poor health, the cat named Pitoe was fortunate to find a new loving family and became famous online thanks to his lovely appearance.



The face is always bewildered, the body is chubby, round like a ball is the common comment of many people when they see a series of photos of a cat named Pitoe (4 years old). Besides many lovely comments, many people expressed concern about Pitoe’s health, fearing that he would become obese due to overeating. However, one of the reasons Pitoe has such a look is the rare scoliosis in cats.



The 4-year-old cat is a British short-haired cat that was adopted by Marie’s family not long ago. “Because Pitoe has quite severe scoliosis, her body is much shorter than normal cats. My parents are veterinarians. One day they discovered that Pitoe was about to be abandoned by a cat seller. fell because of bad looks, so decided to adopt”,



Mr and Mrs. Marie were originally very fond of cats but did not dare to adopt them before because they were afraid they might jump over the balcony and get hurt or disturb the neighbors’ families. “But Pitoe is different, because he has scoliosis, he can’t jump high but can only move around. So my parents gave Pitoe back to his adoptive grandparents. Pitoe was like a gift for him. for my family,” Marie shared.



Although unable to jump high, Pitoe can still perform other activities like many normal cats. The 4-year-old cat is usually waddling around the house, running, playing and climbing low places quite well.



“Many people worry that Pitoe is obese, but in fact, his body is like that partly due to a crooked spine. We always give him regular health checkups and make sure he eats a healthy diet. What pain,” Marie said.

Different from her always bewildered appearance and heavy round body, Pitoe surprised everyone in Marie’s family when she was very active and cheerful despite having “difficult” days, refusing to eat or knocking over bowls. its own country. Whenever there were guests in the house, Pitoe often approached them, lying down near the feet of the guests waiting to be petted.



Recently, Marie decided to share the story of Pitoe online and attract the interest of many people. The account Marie created specifically for the cat also received more than 3,000 followers after only a few days. She also hopes her story will encourage people to adopt animals with special conditions.

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