Man Finds An Abandoned Parrot Egg And Makes It His Mission To Hatch It Into An Adorable Budgie

Raising an abandoned baby kitten or a puppy all by yourself already sounds like a pretty difficult and demanding mission. Now, try to imagine rescuing and hatching a tiny parakeet egg and then taking care of a fragile little bird that came out of it. Weird, isn’t it?

Alwyn Wils of the Netherlands cannot turn his back on an animal in need. He has been a caretaker for wild animals, birds, and reptiles alike throughout his life. His love of all creatures great and small is well-documented on his YouTube channel, “A Chick Called Albert.” The video shows the heartwarming journey of a tiny parakeet egg that was found abandoned at a pet shop, growing into a beautiful little bird.

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The egg was found at the bottom of the parakeet cage.

There was only one male in the cage.

 “Could I bring it back to life?” Alwyn wondered as he gently removed it from the cage.

He then safely put inside a matchbox and took home.

He put the egg inside his incubator for a few days to see what happened.

And then, on the 19th day of taking care of the egg, the bird finally started hatching

Within a few days of incubation, he spotted a fluttering heartbeat through the paper-thin eggshell.

The fragile baby required spoon-feeding eight times a day.

The baby was growing quickly and with each day.


When the little one started flying, the man decided to bring it back to the store.

As the little one grew, Alwyn was able to reunite the baby bird with his dad.

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