Man spends a year befriending a homeless cat to gain his trust

For a little over a year, a man named Lex who initially did not consider himself a cat lover tried to befriend a homeless cat to gain her trust. He was undoubtedly very patient and gradually approached the elusive cat whom I call ‘Cinnabon’.

When he saw him around his house, he noticed that the little feline was quite thin and although at first he did not pay much attention to it, later he decided to leave him some tuna in his yard.

Man spends a year earning the trust of a homeless cat

Despite Lex’s gesture, the cat did not approach him, he seemed fearful of humans, yet Cinnabon used to return in search of food, so Lex to make sure that the feline had something to eat, he kept leaving water and food in your yard.

Lex told The Dodo :

“He just ate from his little bowl of food and water outside my house. And if he noticed me on the other side of the glass, he would run away.

Lex recounted:

“I remember looking through the glass and seeing it at home. He was looking at me. He simply lowered his head and began to sleep. When I was sleeping in the house, I thought it was a crucial moment. How to be part of the family.

Despite these advances between the two, Cinnabon wasn’t ready to get close to Lex all the way, it would still take a little longer for the homeless cat to trust him.

One of many days, Lex discovered that outside in the snow through the glass door was the cat meowing, the man thought that Cinnabon still a little nervous wanted to enter the house, he tried to lure him with treats, and once inside the house the cat finally allowed Lex to come over and pet it.

Cinnabon and Lex are family now and the feline enjoys staying home with him, although the man often leaves his patio door open so the cat enjoys going out and coming back whenever he wants.


Lex says it’s incredibly rewarding when she sees him return after spending time away from home. If you want to know more about this pair of friends, you can see their adorable photos on their Instagram page .

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