Man Stops To Help Kitten In Road, But Realizes Her Feet Are Glued To The Ground

Friday mornings are rough for anyone. The last day of the week for most of us, you’re just trying to motivate yourself until the weekend. However, you usually don’t worry about the drive to work. But last Friday, Oregon man Chuck Hawley had a drive to work that was a lot more stressful than most.

Firstly, he noticed something in the middle of the road ahead of him. He assumed it was a mislaid box or something, as all the other drivers were driving over it. But, as he got closer, he realised it was a kitten! Someone had abandoned it in the middle of the road. It had been lucky not to get hit by a car already, but Chuck wasn’t taking any chances.

He stopped his car in the middle of the road to save the helpless kitten when he realised the worst. The poor thing’s feet had been glued to the road. He couldn’t believe people would do such a horrible thing. But, he set about rescuing the cat nonetheless. He carefully peeled the kitten’s feet off the road and took it straight to an animal sanctuary.

The staff there were really helpful. They used oil to get the rubber cement off the kitten’s fur and treated the puncture wounds in its neck.

Luckily, the kitten survived the trauma and Chuck adopted it. He and his wife named her Sticky the Kitty thanks to her escapades. To think that she had started the day glued to a road but now had a loving family. Another miracle is that it looks like Sticky will make a full recovery! All down to Chuck’s kindness.

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