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Man transforms the space behind the wall into a bedroom for his cat

Bryan Davies and his family opened their home and hearts to an adorable shelter cat named Wyatt. It didn’t take long for the curious kitten to discover his favorite hobby; See through the window the squirrels and birds of the neighborhood. In pampering his new pet, Bryan decided to be resourceful and tried hard so Wyatt wouldn’t have to wait for the birds and squirrels to appear.

In the winter, the animals that visited the places near where Wyatt sat to watch appeared less often, Bryan found a way to entertain his beloved cat and searched for bird videos on the Internet and showed them to the feline in his tablet.

The kitten now had his own personal television to enjoy his favorite shows. But her father wanted to give her something even more special; Bryan wanted to give his feline his own space in his home so that he could enjoy his bird videos in peace.

Man makes a bedroom for his cat

After doing some recent home remodeling, Bryan noticed an unused space along a wall near his bedroom and came up with an idea to pamper his cat.

Bryan told The Dodo :

“It was the perfect place for an even smaller bedroom in our little bedroom in our little house. So, I opened the wall and began to remodel.

Once the space was adequate, the man gave it home warmth by including some accessories such as a bed for Wyatt, even including some pictures on the walls that he thought his feline would like.

But without a doubt, the best thing about the space was the small TV on the wall, so that your cat could enjoy his favorite bird programs in the comfort of his room.

Of course, Bryan didn’t know if his cat would like his new room that he had built for him, but the feline was so happy that he made it his favorite place in the whole house.


Bryan said:

“He spends a lot of time there, asking to see his show before taking a nap. He concentrates on the screen like a normal teenager. And take an intense nap. He really enjoys it as much as a child who finally has his own room.

Seeing your pet happy and enjoying the space he built especially for her is the best reward for Bryan. Your cat is an important part of your family and seeing him happy will always be one of your priorities.