Man Who Rescued Two Lion Cubs Seven Years Ago Returns And Meets Them Face To Face

There is nothing stronger than the bond between you and your animal, especially when you helped raise them.

People dedicate their whole lives to saving animals, just out of love, and this is what Kevin Richardson does.

One day, he came across an opportunity to rescue two baby lions, most people were afraid to approach them, but his instincts told him otherwise.

He scooped them up and brought them to safety, and as it turns out, it was this that saved their life.

When they were brought to the rescue center, they were too young and helpless to take care of themselves.

The goal at the center was to raise these cubs in a way which meant they could grow up into fully functioning adults without human assistance.

Seven years on, Kevin decided he was going to visit the pair in the wild, and understandably he was nervous on their reaction.

It had been a long time since they had seen each other, and he was unsure they would remember him.

Kevin decided to approach the lions without hesitation, and thankfully for us, he recorded the encounter with a GoPro.

While one of the lions was by the water, he decided to jump in and approach her while calling her name.

What happened next was truly incredible, as soon as she realized who Kevin was, she jumped straight into the water for a hug.

Kevin describes them as his ‘soul mates,’ they will always have this special bond no matter how long they are apart.

See the amazing moment for yourself in the video below:


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