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Meet Benji, The Adorable Therapy Dog That Hands Out His Business Cards To Everyone

Benji is both a charming pup and an expert networker.

Not every dog has his own business cards, but this lovable Labrador regularly makes important connections and likes to leave his new friends something to remember him by.

Benji is a therapy dog, and together with his dog-dad Russell Peck, he has visited nearly a thousand schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

For five years he has spread joy to people in need of a little extra cheer, and he leaves them his business card so that they have something to remember him by.

Benji’s dad has designed the cards himself on his computer. He prints them out and then helps Benji distribute them to his new friends.

The front of the card features a picture of Benji and reads: “My name is Benji. I hope my visit has brightened your day.” On the back of the card, Benji shares some information about himself and his family.

Benji has brightened the day of countless of people.

He loves being of service and spreads joy wherever he goes.

By handing out the business cards, he makes sure that his new friends will remember him and his calming presence forever.

He’s also got his own Facebook page where his dad helps him post pictures from his visits.

Benji is great at comforting and calming people down, perhaps because he himself has struggled with anxiety.

He started taking obedience classes as a way to combat his anxiety and turn his excess energy into something positive.

After finishing his obedience training, Benji went into Therapy Dog training, and it turned out that he was great at it.

It was clear that Benji had found his true calling in life.

Now, Benji helps others feel better, and he’s doing a great job. He’s won multiple awards for his important work.

Benji has also received a lot of positive feedback from the people he’s visited, and Peck, in an interview with the Dodo, says that people will come up to him, years after they’ve met Benji, and say things like “’I have his card hanging on my refrigerator.’ Or, ‘I have his card in my wallet.’”

Peck is extremely proud of his furry son and loves that he is able to take part in Benji’s quest to make the world a little bit better.