Meet Benson, the kitty who has more style than any of us

Benson is a rescued kitten who went from living on the streets and always dirty to having a loving family and becoming a fashion icon.

During a trip to the United Arab Emirates, his current owners found Benson abandoned in a parking lot and were so moved by the cat that they brought him to the United States with them. At first he was a “traumatized and angry” little ball of fur that didn’t trust humans, but with a lot of love and patience he turned into a spoiled cat in the latest fashion meow.

Ready for the autumn winds

Parisian fashion suits her very well

Has all the flow

It’s baseball game day

Surely Enola Holmes just saw

Did someone say “vacation”?

Those glasses go well with the shape of her face.

I see a fashionable future

His favorite dish is salmon sushi

The gym is his passion

The rain won’t catch you by surprise

Hawaii awaits you

He’s the king of the catwalk

On Halloween it will be Benson Potter

The day is like reading a book and drinking coffee

He pays the tickets and you pay the popcorn

Its color combination is impeccable

Soft but rough

Only he looks good in such a colorful outfit

Not even freshly bathed loses the glamor

Miranda Priestly would be proud

Presentable for your meeting via Zoom

This look needs a motorcycle

Ready to throw some rhymes

What elegance that of France

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