Meet Meow Meow, The Fluffy New Grumpy Cat That Is Going Viral On Instagram

Last year, we were heartbroken to hear about the passing of Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, famously stole all our hearts with her irresistibly grumpy face and we’ll always remember and cherish the joy she spread.

Now, a new kitty is picking up where Grumpy Cat left off, and we’re sure that Tartar Sauce would be happy to know that another kitty is continuing to bless the world with the happiness only a really disgruntled kitten’s face can provide. Meow Meow, a sweet little kitty from Taiwan, has a face that doesn’t really match her gentle personality. Meow Meow’s facial markings make her look downright furious and people are saying that she looks even angrier than our beloved Grumpy Cat.

Meow Meow’s first owner abandoned her, and for a while, she had to live in a pet shop. But despite what her face says, this kitty’s unfortunate life experiences have not left her filled with rage. In fact, Meow Meows current owner, who adopted Meow Meow when the eye-catching kitty was ten months old, says that she’s actually very sweet and affectionate. In an interview with Bored Panda, she revealed that Meow Meow wakes her up each morning by gently massaging her with her paws.

She also revealed another part of Meow Meows cute morning routine: “After [her breakfast], she washes herself and jumps onto one of her favorite places near the windows to watch the birds. Sometimes she even draws the curtains all by herself just to sit down and get a better look.” Clearly, Meow Meow is hiding a sweet and loving nature behind her grumpy exterior. But it’s that angry face that has made the internet fall in love with her. People just can’t get enough of Meow Meows beautifully disgruntled face.

Meow Meow’s disgusted glare gives her an air of haughtiness and authority and her Instagram bio jokingly states that she “looks angry but sweet; She wanna be princess but more like a queen”. Her beautifully thick and fluffy fur certainly does give this kitty a royal appearance and it’s no wonder that she’s amassed so many loving fans. However, nobody loves her as much as her owner.

A while back, Meow Meow got sick and had to get specialized treatment and her owner dropped everything to bring her beloved kitty back to health. In an interview with Katniss, Cat Reporter, Meow Meow’s human mom said that when the cat got sick, she quit her job and took a mortgage loan on our house. She researched how to take Meow Meow out of Taiwan and bring her to the United States for treatment.

The treatments worked, and now Meow Meow is as healthy as ever and able to spread joy to people from all around the world. Knowing that Meow Meow is so loved and well taken care of makes us very happy and it really enhances the joy we feel when admiring her grumpy face.

Meow Meow embodies the perfect mix of sweet and salty with her affectionate nature and furious face. We’re sure her fame will just continue to grow, and that she’ll continue to spread happiness to everyone who sees her. All image credit: the_cat_named_meowmeow


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