Meet The House Sparrow, The Most Widely Distributed Brown Bird On The Planet

The house sparrow is no longer strange to us. This tiny brown bird is the most widely distributed on the planet. You can see these adorable visitors right in your garden or backyard where they often pay a little visit. If you want them to come to you more often, just place some DIY bird feeders filled with food and water there. These cute little creatures will love your treats.

Some people say that house sparrows look usual. Their upper parts (back, wings, and tail) are covered in light brown flecked with black. Meanwhile, the lower parts and the top of their head are a light grey color. The eyes, bill, and throat, however, are in black. These birds just shine with their simple beauty.

This species is thought to have originated in the Middle East, and then later spread across Europe and Asia. It was then introduced into Australia, New Zealand, and North America by European colonization.

They live both in rural, and urban areas. They are a beloved part of daily life in Britain and many other countries. They hang out in a flock in a bush, tree, or shrub in your garden in the morning with ‘chirp chirp’. This symphony surely livens up your garden and even raises your mood for a new day. Who can’t resist the cuteness and friendliness of these tiny fluffy birds?

Regarding the diets, these sparrows feed mainly on grain when they are not breeding. However, their food source changes to insects when they’re nursing the hatchlings.

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