Meet Victoria Crowned Pigeon – Crowned by Nature as the Largest and Most Beautiful Pigeon

There are a lot of birds out there, each one more distinctive than the other because of their colorful plumage or special characteristics. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have the chance to see more kinds of birds, therefore we don’t know much about their existence. Let’s focus on pigeons for example. There are over 300 species of pigeons and doves around the world. I’m sure you can’t even imagine the beautiful colors nature has painted these birds with. Some of them are so unique, it just blows your minds away from their beauty.

Meet Victoria crowned pigeons. The pigeon was named after British monarch Queen Victoria. This beautiful bird has been crowned by nature itself as one of the prettiest birds out there.

Crowned pigeons are known to be larger than other pigeons, but Victoria crowned pigeons, in particular, are the largest surviving species. They weigh up to 7.7 pounds and measure up to 30 inches long. These pigeons feast on figs but is still hard to imagine how much they eat in order to have that weight. To give you a better visual, this pigeon is equal to a medium-sized chicken.

They are quite friendly birds, but unfortunately they are becoming very rare in the wild. Their beauty might be a course for them, as they ae easily spotted from predators.

These majestic birds are slowly losing habitat due to logging and are also under threat from people who hunt them for their feathers and meat. In fact, due to excessive hunting, you can rarely find them near populated areas .


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