Moet The Blind Persian Cat Rose From Neglect & Abuse To Becoming A Social Media Sensation

Moet,a blind Persian cat lives in Nottingham with human caretaker Emily Shotter where she gets to be her fabulous self as an Instagram sensation. Moet is six years old and this fluffy, sweet cat had a really rough start to life courtesy of poor cat breeding practices and negligence that led her to lose both of her eyes and be permanently blind.

Unregulated cat breeders, backyard cat breeders, owners of “cat mills,” are all a serious moral and ethical dilemma in the pet world and the consequences cause damage, pain, and even cost the lives of innocent animals (especially cats and dogs.) Moet, despite her permanent blindness, is blessed to have Emily Shotter and what is truly a good life.

Negligence and abuse were a daily facet of life for the cats at ‘the pet shop.’

“The cats there were neglected, Moet was often left without food and water, a dirty cage, no bed to lie on, no toys.”

“And so to Tuesday; My tongue must appear; Hey… I can reach My nose from here!”

The consistent negligence had an impact that only worsened over time.

“Over time she just got sicker and sicker, and eventually she went blind.”

Once blind, Moet’s luck finally took a turn for the better.

She was rescued from ‘the pet shop,’ and brought to an animal rescue charity organization where they treated her forall of her ailments and helped her to a place where she was healthy enough for them to remove her permanently damaged eyes.

It was in 2014 after a harrowing life of neglect, abuse, illness, and surgery that Emily met Moet.

In 2018, Emily began uploading photos of Moet online.

Today, their Instagram account is a success with over 50k followers!

Thanks to Moet’s purr-sonality and unique appearance, Emily is able to operate a non-profit shop.

The UK based shop sells all sorts of Moet themed products and 100% of the proceeds are donated to an animal rescue!



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“There is no beauty without some quirkinesses…”

Speaking of the shop, Emily said:

“We donate 100% of profits to a volunteer group called Omani Paws, who do rescue, rehoming, fostering, feeding and helping sick and injured animals.”



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“One day we hope Moet hits the big time so we can donate and help much more.”

Clearly, Moet and Emily are a dynamic duo with their hearts in the right places.

And the fans agree, with comments flooding in like:

“Moet is the most beautiful cat ever!”


“She is such a gorgeous girl!”

They’re right, Moet is indeed gorgeous.

Check out this pawesome video all about Moet’s story!

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