Mom Dog Covers Babies With Her Body To Protect Them From Being Stolen

The life of being homeless is never easy for stray animals, especially when they are mother ones. They not only have to take care of themselves, but they also have to try their level best to protect their babies all safe.A woman witnessed a heartbreaking scene on the streets. A Pit Bull carried her baby in her mouth, running around as if she was seeking help. And a sad fact was that her baby passed away.

After getting a text about the dog, Hope For Paws headed to the scene right away. By the time they made it, it was already dark. They saw the mama dog lying on the ground, her body covered all her babies to save them.

They tried to assure the mom dog that they were here to help her, but she looked too scared that she remained to stay at her spot. After some effort, the dog finally agreed to leave her place. They named her Jade, and softly put a leash around her neck.

Jade had six living puppies and one deceased puppy. The team took the pups out and brought them to the cage. The mother dog immediately followed them. It was so sad that one puppy was gone. They named her Citrine, and took her with them to have her cremated.

After that, they arrived at the vet for a medical examination. They carefully cleaned the very young mom dog and her babies as well, then gave Jade some food and water. The dog family now was safe and had a warm place to stay. But Jade looked so sad and nobody knew the reason.

Until the next morning, the team received a call from Stephanie who called them before. She said that one of her neighbors admitted her terrible mistake that she to took one of the babies home. But after a long night hearing the baby cried, she realized how bad thing she did. So she asked Stephanie to return the baby to her mom. Once the baby arrived, the team helped her reunite with her mother and siblings.

The family happily gathered together. And a day later, Hope For Paw’s friend at The Little Red Dog offered to care for the dogs.

Jade and her babies are now ready for adoption.

You can watch the rescue video here:



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