Mother Cat Every Day Begging For Food For Her Kittens, Motherly Love Makes Everyone Touched

It comes here every day begging for fish. This mother cat often goes to the familiar fish shop hoping that the owner here gives fish to bring back to her kittens.



It often screams to get the cave’s owner’s attention. “Why don’t you pay and ask for fish all the time?”. Not stopping there, it continued to ask for more even though it was fed.
After eating enough, it left but after a while it continued to come back to bother the owner, perhaps having eaten a lot, it was just waiting for the owner of the fish shop.



After being given a large piece of fish, it did not eat it but took it elsewhere. It turned out that there were a bunch of kittens here, it brought that piece of fish back to the kittens who were waiting.



People here often witness this warm mother cat going out to ask for food for the kittens, the kittens are also obedient and wait for their mother to bring food home.
The owner of the grocery store where the mother cat and her kittens live doesn’t know she’s their owner, adding that the mother cat brought them to her store a few months ago.



She didn’t know where these feral cats had come from, but she still gave them a temporary home. The cat and her cubs played happily but still did not forget the task of continuing to beg at the familiar fish shop and bring back the kittens.

The story is very touching, through the story we can see that the mother cat loves the kittens. It’s not clear how long the grocery store owner will let the cats stay, but at least for now both the mother cat and the kittens are safe and loving each other!

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