Netizens showed how their dogs can hide. And the pets have achieved a special skill in this!

Probably, every pet owner is familiar with the situation when the pet seems to evaporate somewhere, there is no way to find it. And while the owners are worried, trying to figure out where their pet has gone, these fluffy creatures are watching from secluded corners. Netizens staged a whole flash mob #HiddenDogChallenge (challenge with dogs who are hiding), showing how comically dogs sometimes do it.

1. Master of disguise

2. It’s hard to believe, but the dog is in both photos

3. Among toys

The kid fell asleep on the leg of the unicorn.

4. I bet you can’t find the dog in this photo?

5. New hairstyle

6. I’m a little stuffed dog

7. And here the task is more difficult

If you looked, looked, but did not find anyone, take a look at the wall on the left behind the tree, a golden retriever is waiting for you there!

8. Looking around the corner

9. What a beautiful carpet!

10. Best hide and seek player

Yes, hiding like that is a special skill! Children are fluent in it. We have a selection on this topic.

11. The best place to sleep

12. Where is the dog?

13. Surprise!

14. Can you find a dog here?

15. How many dogs are in this photo?

But how much!

16. In the shade of the branches

Dogs are great at amusing their owners. For example, there is another challenge : there people show that their pets can look like anyone!


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