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Once Had A Warm Home, But Is Now Abandoned, The Mother Cat Tries To Protect Her Children!

Mother cat and 2 kittens abandoned. The mother cat and kittens are very nervous. The mother cat is hiding because she is afraid. Kittens are afraid of all the sounds in the street.

I’m going to put the mother cat in the carrying case and take them to the place where I feed the other stray cats.

The mother cat is weak I think she was not well-fed. I will give wet food to the mother cat and the kittens. This is a panel-fenced area. I care for sick and needy stray cats here. The kittens smelled the food. The stray cats that live here have homes and blankets.

These are some of the cats that live here. 2 kittens are male. other cats came to visit the new family. But the new family is very uneasy.


The mother cat hisses at the other cats. mother cat and kittens will live here with other stray cats. There are many cat houses here. I can’t adopt all stray cats so I help them. The mother cat will be spayed.