Other Cats Have Been Adopted, But This One Has Been Left Behind! What Happened To It?

A man came to the pet store for food for his cat, while he was choosing the product he needed, he drew attention to one of the shop windows. There, behind the glass, lived a small white kitten. But he was in a very deplorable state. The pet store employees didn’t pay any attention to him.

They did not even notice that the kitten did not move at all and almost did not breathe. Near him, dry food was scattered on the floor, but there was absolutely no water in the cage. Also, the kitten had already begun to have an eye infection, and his general condition was simply terrible.

The man drew the attention of the store employees, but they simply waved him off and continued to go about their business. Then he realized that the only way to save the kitten was to buy it and take it away from these hellish conditions. And so, he did.

After the purchase, the man immediately took the kitten to the veterinary clinic, where he had to spend his first night in freedom. The doctors managed to restore the kitten’s condition, and he quickly began to recover.



Now the kitten lives in a new house with a new owner, his health is in perfect order, and he is happy and cheerful. The only thing that overshadows his joy is that he cannot find a common language with his master’s old cat. But he is working on it and does not lose hope of making friends with his neighbor.

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