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Family takes turns sleeping on the couch to keep their old dog company

Our dogs start to slow down a little as they get older, but we do everything make sure they are happy and comfortable in their twilight years. But one family went above-and-beyond for their old dog, rearranging their sleep schedules just to make sure he felt loved. Spike is a 14-year-old English springer spaniel. Like many dogs his...More Please

Florida man fights alligator after it snatches his dog

Pets are like family, and when they’re in danger, people will go to great lengths to save their lives. Sometimes that means putting your own safety at risk. That was the case for one man, who had to fight off an alligator to save his beloved dog, but says he didn’t hesitate to jump into...More Please

‘Ugly’ pit bull that no one wanted finally finds a home after long wait

All shelter dogs are waiting to be adopted, but some unfortunately end up waiting longer than others. The sad reality is that oftentimes, people decide on their new pet based on appearance and often opt for the cutest puppy available, overlooking some of the more unconventional-looking dogs. But these dogs deserve love, too… like this good...More Please

Cat leaps from fifth floor of burning building, lands on his feet unfazed

People like to say that cats have nine lives. While its sadly not literally true, cats, with their amazing agility and reflexes, have a way of surviving some seemingly-fatal circumstances. Cats are also famous for always landing on their feet, which came in handy recently as one cat leapt from a burning building… and stunned onlookers by...More Please

Meet Eris, the dog with the biggest snout in the world

One of the things we love about social media is that there are so many amazing pet photos. Many animals become viral stars for their one-of-a-kind unique looks. That’s the case for one beautiful dog, who’s going viral thanks to her extraordinarily large snout: This long-faced dog is named Eris. She’s a Borzoi, or a Russian Wolfhound....More Please

89-year-old has knitted over 450 blankets for her local dog rescue

Animal rescues do great, important work, and rely on the help of their community to get by. Goodhearted people help out by donating supplies and money to their local shelters. But one elderly woman found an extra special way to help out rescue dogs. While they wait for a forever home, she makes sure they’re feeling cozy and...More Please