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Man transforms the space behind the wall into a bedroom for his cat

Bryan Davies and his family opened their home and hearts to an adorable shelter cat named Wyatt. It didn’t take long for the curious kitten to discover his favorite hobby; See through the window the squirrels and birds of the neighborhood. In pampering his new pet, Bryan decided to be resourceful and tried hard so Wyatt wouldn’t have to wait for...More Please

The Tea That Cures Strep Throat, Flu And Sinus Infections

Many of you have oregano at any time in your kitchen, first because you use it for its wonderful flavor, and then due to its powerful medicinal properties that it contains! For many centuries the oregano has been used as a natural remedy due to its powerful antioxidant agents, like rosemary acid, and thymol and...More Please

Chubby rescued cat loves to show her belly and get pampered

Wilford is a chubby cat weighing around 28 pounds, he is an adorable gray feline who enjoys showing off his huge round belly whenever the opportunity presents itself. This huge 8-year-old kitten was rescued at the end of December by Lost Dog and Cat Rescue , a rescue group from Virginia (United States). Later, he was transferred to his foster home with...More Please

Little dog cries and stays by the coffin during his mother’s wake

Dogs will always be classified as the most loyal animals, since they are willing to do anything for the love of their favorite people, and in the city of Camaçari, Bahia, Brazil, a puppy that cried and remained next to his mother’s coffin deceased, shows that this loyalty goes beyond death. Jailson Almeida, owner of...More Please