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14 animals that started growing and forgot to stop

Thanks to genetics, just like us, animals adopt certain features of physique and behavior from their parents. But there are striking exceptions to this rule. So when you bring a puppy home, you can suddenly realize that it does not stop growing, even when it occupies the entire sofa, where three people can comfortably fit. We present to...More Please

A cougar rescued from the zoo lives like an ordinary house cat

Maria and Alexander Dmitrievs share a two-room apartment with Messi. No, not with a football player, as one might think, but with his namesake – a 45-kilogram puma . A couple from Russia first saw Messi in one of the zoos in the city of Penza when he was only eight months old. Then they decided together that they should...More Please

13+ striking reactions from our smaller brothers

The Oscar award, which awards actors with golden statuettes, has existed for almost a hundred years, but for some reason no one has yet instituted the same ceremony for our smaller brothers. But they are no less emotional and charismatic, which is only the reaction of some to the first snow, orange or lobster! We have combined...More Please

13+ animals lucky enough to be born with a twist

Nature knows how to impress in different ways, sometimes it scares, as in the case of hail, or demonstrates its strength and rebelliousness, as in the case of plants breaking through concrete. She can also bewitch, adding magical features to one or another animal. And we, perhaps, like this talent of her the most! Just look at how unusual our smaller brothers...More Please

15+ emotional cats that dramatize everything

These are dogs – true friends of man, and cats – they are on their own and only allow us to love ourselves, therefore they absolutely do not hide their emotions, and sometimes even exaggerate and dramatize in order to show who is in charge in the house. From their dislike of water and veterinary clinics...More Please

Smart Cat Earns Plenty Of Money To Repay His Owner

Believe it or not, cats are much smarter than they’re given credit for. Once they set their mind on something, they’ll get what they want at all costs. This is also the case for Sir Whines A Lot, a clever tabby in Tulsa, Oklahoma who works hard to earn countless money for his owner. The...More Please