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10 Times When Celebs Showed More Than the Eye Needs to See

Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you can’t not not experience wardrobe malfunctions. We brought to you some of the sweetest one. In the eyes of the whole world upon them, they tried to cover the exposed parts with their hands, but it didn’t work. It’s not easy being sexy without showing some skin, is it?...More Please

You’ll Be Shocked When You See These Celebrities With No Makeup

In the celebrity world, makeup, grooming and Photoshop are a star’s best friend. In fact, it’s almost as if they are a necessity and understandably so. These can transform one’s appearance completely and make any celebrity’s face look completely different. In fact, they get very extensive makeup and touch-ups done to the extent of becoming...More Please
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Hilarious And Desperate Texts From Mad Exes

A breakup can be sometimes a normal thing to do between two people and they can end the relationship on good terms. But sometimes things don’t go as you may have planned because of your exes, who may give you a hard time moving on with your life. Even if you don’t talk to them...More Please

Plus-Size Yogi, 22, Talks About How Yoga Let Her Learn Self-Love

Dana Falsetti hit her heaviest weight of 300lbs during her college days in New Orleans. She believed her unhappiness was due to her size and decided to lose over 70lbs. But despite losing weight, the 22-Year-Old still felt miserable. Dana then turned to do Yoga. When in college, Dana Falsetti felt miserable as she hit her heaviest weight ever,...More Please

22 Celebs Who Actually Married Their Fans

Crushing on a celebrity is quite inevitable. Whether you’re a big fan of Hollywood or perhaps barely even pay attention to the celeb gossip, it’s guaranteed that you must have at least found one famous person attractive or loved their personality. With this, it’s pretty simple to imagine how totally wild it would be if...More Please

23+ Traveling Dogs That Behave Better Than Many People

On the internet you can find everything and this is an example of it. There is a page on Instagram that is exclusively dedicated to uploading photos of dogs relaxing in their owners’ travel bags. And although it may seem false to you, the truth is that there are Instagram accounts that exploit this super...More Please

Kitten Escapes Pet Store Display To Meet Its Lonely Dog Friend

Friendship seeks no barriers and the perfect example was seen recently in a cute video at JoLinn Pet House, a pet store in Taiwan. In the video, a tiny kitten and a puppy were separated by a plastic barrier. But rather than accept that lonely fate, the clever kitty hatched a sweet little plan so...More Please

Cat Patiently Waited For Her Toy To Be Repaired By Grandma

Animals have distinct, and at times bizarre, preferences. When they fall in love with anything, they treat it as if it were their prized possession. This beautiful kitten named Lucas was barely a kitten when he fell in love with a plush leopard of the same size. Despite the fact that Lucas has known his...More Please