Kitten with his head bowed overcame all obstacles and now has the home of his dreams

A sweet rescued orange kitten was transported to a veterinary hospital in Massachusetts, USA. The boy was found wounded alone, and also had a back injury as a result of an attack he received from another animal. Regardless of the difficult experience he had gone through, the little tabby showed great spirit.

The kitten needed specialized care for his wounds, so the veterinary clinic contacted Tara Kay, founder of the Odd Cat Sanctuary , hoping she could give the little orange a little help.

He was called Murphy, and luckily he was perfectly fine despite what had happened. He was a very friendly boy, he wanted to receive love and his purrs were activated as soon as they hugged him.

Tara told Love Meow :

“We have a lot of experience in head trauma cases. He was four weeks old and weighed only half a pound. “

Kitten with a bowed head overcame all obstacles

Tara took over her care and started feeding the kitten with a syringe during the day. She took him with her to work at night to continue caring for him and feeding him to help him thrive quickly.

Tara tells:

“His head is permanently tilted, but his eyes are clear and his vision appears normal.”

Murphy was a little hugging lover; he always wanted to be carried or carried like a baby all over the place, and he always wanted the love of everyone around him. Soon he began to gain weight and strength, his wounds were healing quite well, and in no time he became more active and explored every corner on his own.

The foster mother said:

«He is very intelligent and has the sweetest personality. He purrs all the time and loves to be held and cuddled. “

The kitten quickly discovered his personality and became curious and playful; He had an incredible appetite and began to grow noticeably. He may have a little tilt in his head for the rest of his life, but it doesn’t at all stop him from doing things like any other mischievous and curious cat.

Murphy is quite a warrior after his visits to the vet and has fallen in love with everyone who comes close to him.

A vet named Adina, once she met him, instantly fell in love with the little boy. Murphy snuggled into her side and let out her adorable purrs.

Tara mentioned:

“She wasn’t looking for a cat per se, but I think she just stole her heart. It is so special, quirky and sweet. You can’t help loving him when you meet him.

It was a great process on the way to his recovery, and Murphy now called Mr. Bean has moved into his new forever home with a loving family and has grown into an amazing teenage cat.

The charming Bean enjoys his large shark bed, receives a lot of attention and has a mother in love who takes care of everything the kitten needs.

The adorable feline has grown quite a bit since his adoption, and still enjoys attracting the attention and pampering of everyone around him, he is a great spoiled.

You can learn a little about the work carried out by  The Odd Cat Sanctuary on their Facebook  and  Instagram accounts .

Navy veteran adopts dog that saved his life in Afghanistan

Byung Kang is a 31-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. This man served in Afghanistan, there he met Blue, a black Labrador trained to detect improvised explosive devices, the two participated in more than 300 combat missions during the period 2011-2012. Kang never forgot her and when he returned home, he decided to adopt the dog that saved his life.

The former marine attributes being home now thanks to Blue, and for the last 6 years he focused on contacting different military branches and non-profit organizations to have his old partner by his side.

Blue was excellent at his job, on his first mission he managed to sniff out an explosive device, saving the lives of the platoon members.

Navy veteran adopts the dog that saved his life

Kang told Today :

“From there, Blue began to gain the trust and respect of my platoon.”

Kang was so grateful to Blue for keeping him safe on every deployment they made that one night in Afghanistan he made a promise to his partner.

Kang recounted:

“I told him, ‘What you have done for me and my boys here in Afghanistan, we cannot give back. So I’m going to give you a good home where you can snuggle up all day, without worrying about going to war and finding bombs. ‘

When Kang finished his time in Afghanistan, Blue was reassigned and contact between the two was lost, but the veteran never forgot his promise and told Wendy that at that time she was his fiancée. Among her plans was to adopt Blue as soon as she retired from the service.

Wendy is also a veteran of the Marines. She used her connections to find Blue and facilitate her adoption when she finally retired, and in late 2018 they welcomed her home.

Wendy said:

“I did everything in my power to make sure we could bring Blue home, after all the stories I heard, I know for a fact that Blue is one of the reasons why BK is here with me and alive.”

Kang is now a K-9 officer with the Duluth Police Department. Blue also serves in the Police department at his side.


Blue is now 11 years old and lives in Georgia with Kang and Wendy, two children, five dogs and two cats. Earlier this year Blue was diagnosed with cancer, but fortunately the mass in her mouth turned out to be benign; now she has a quiet life and loves to give hugs.

That experience led Kang to enter Blue in the 2020 American Humane Hero Dog Awards , where he is a semi-finalist in the military dog ​​category.

American Humane President and CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert invites everyone to read the remarkable stories of these incredible heroes on his official page.

Through an email to Today he expressed:

“Military dogs work side by side with our warriors, facing the same trials and dangers to keep our nation safe.”

The navy veteran is grateful for Blue and all military dogs, highlighting their courage and service.

He said:

“These working dogs will give their lives for us, therefore, we must be grateful to them and respect them and, above all, trust them because dogs will not lie.”

If you want to vote for Blue you can do it here

Dog is caught on camera hugging mom’s clothes while away

Kalina is a sweet German Shepherd dog who loves spending time with her mom, Raven Atchison; So much so that he gets a little sad when she’s not at home. Fortunately, the dog found an adorable way to deal with this.

Raven is aware that Kalina experiences separation anxiety, so she does what it takes to stay home for as long as possible. When she has to go out, the woman takes precautions to control the dog while she is away.

Raven told The Dodo :

“I set up these cameras so that when I’m away from home, I can monitor it and make sure it’s okay. And to see if there are stressors in their environment when I’m not there.

Dog is caught hugging mom’s clothes when she is not

While checking the cameras , Raven noticed unexpected behavior from her dog.

Kalina was feeling a bit stressed from being alone, and to calm herself, she took some clothes from her mom, whom she no doubt missed, and snuggled up comfortably on top of the bed.

We can see the emotional moment in the following video


Kalina found a tender way to be close to her mother; smelling its scent on clothes.

Raven said:

«My heart melted completely! I am incredibly touched that my scent is only a comfort to her. To have been able to see her snuggle in my clothes, and then lie down quietly and peacefully with her, made me happy all day.

After Raven saw the recordings, she remembered that, in the past, she had found her clothes in strange places where she did not remember leaving them. Now, she understood exactly why this was happening; the mystery was solved.



Kitten clings to sanitation workers who rescued him from trash just in time

A little kitten clings to a couple of sanitation workers who rescued him when he was inside a garbage bag, thanks to his multiple meows, he now has a very comfortable life in his new home.

Last Monday seemed like a normal day for William Montero and John Kase, workers at the New York Department of Sanitation. As they went about their daily routine in Queens, picking up trash bags and tossing them into the back of the truck, they heard a series of meows.

Kitten clings to its rescuers

Both workers kept hearing the insistent meows coming from a garbage bag, so they thought it was an abandoned animal. When they opened the bag to investigate, they found a little kitten who was very scared, his heart was beating very fast and he needed help.

Somehow a heartless person had put him in the garbage bag and left him on the sidewalk, but thanks to the workers he was rescued just in time. They were surprised, and decided to search through all the garbage for other cats to make sure there were no more abandoned.

After searching for a while in the truck’s compactor, they did not find another abandoned animal, something that somewhat lightened their day.

The little kitten was a little nervous about the ordeal, but was glad to be safe and secure with the workers. The two companions tried to put the little feline in a cardboard box to transport it, but it always escaped climbing or crawling.

William commented:

He’s a climber. We couldn’t have him there.

Although the kitten was still too scared, John decided to hold it to his chest to calm him down a bit and the therapy turned out to be very effective. While hugging one of his rescuers, the little boy slowly showed his true personality.

John and William are animal lovers, so they decided to name the little kitten Hopper, after the back of the truck.

They then contacted Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue to inform them of the kitten’s situation, and the shelter immediately decided to help them and took the feline in.

At the shelter they estimated that little Hopper was about 10 weeks old, and that he had an upper respiratory infection. Hopper received the medical care he needed to overcome his health problems and later moved into a wonderful foster home.

The kitten began his recovery with a loving family and little by little he is making progress in the comfort of his new home. Thanks to the help of sanitation workers and rescue center volunteers, Hopper is on the road to a full recovery.

William added:

“We only did what I hope every normal human being will do.”

The workers decided to visit Hopper and brought him a bed and supplies, keeping him comfortable until they can find him a forever home.

Luckily, Hopper now has a promising future ahead of him, and he’s sure to find an ultimate family soon.