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Tattooed bikers confront abusive pet owners to rescue animals

While the United States has passed various laws to keep animal abuse from taking place, these laws are not always followed as well as they should be. We hate to see animals being mistreated and it makes our day when others share our point of view. That is what makes this story such an amazing...More Please

Dad Rescues Dog’s Beloved Teddy Bear Left Outside During Storm

There’s nothing more upsetting for a dog than losing their favorite stuffed animal. It’s their best buddy, it’s their comfort blanket, and they are devastated when they are parted. For little Lucky, it looked like he was about to lose his beloved stuffed bear after a terrible storm threatened to tear them apart. Lucky and...More Please

Burned Puppy Was Found Dumped In Trash, Local Rescue Intervenes

A puppy left with horrible chemical burns was found abandoned in the trash in Newport, Tennessee. The 8-week-old  pup has been named Hope and was found outside a restaurant. The burned puppy’s body was 60% covered with burns, and her ear and tongue were the worst affected areas. Help was on its way, however. Friends...More Please

Biker Gang Hunts Dog Fight Rings To Save Animals From Abusive Owners

A biker gang comes with a lot of negative stereotypes. Being loud, a nuisance, or predisposed to violence to name a few. However, that is not always the case. As is often the case for stereotypes, the majority simply aren’t true. We hear stories about biker gangs helping bullied children, paying tribute to veterans, and...More Please