Palomita meets a woman and decides that she is now her mother

A few years ago, Sarah Barbosa moved from Massachusetts to Texas, United States, with the idea of ​​concentrating on her family and putting aside her work in wildlife rehabilitation, but, when she saw a post on social networks about an accident with a nest of birds with eggs inside, he couldn’t help but help.

Sarah thought she should help and contacted the man and took his incubator to a parking lot where he took care of the eggs.

The woman told The Dodo :

“He handed us this box and I thought, ‘What kind of eggs are these?’ These were small. They were smaller than my thumb. “

Palomita meets a woman and now she is her mother

At home, he tried to investigate and find out what kind of bird the two eggs could contain.

Sarah added:

«It was reduced to a dove or dove. I expected pigeons because they have the ability to suck. You can make a makeshift bottle, and they can take food on their own, just monitor how much. “


When they were born, unfortunately one of the birds did not survive, the other little one really struggled to get by; quite a fighter. Over time he began to associate Sarah with food and used to let the woman know what he wanted.

When she had some free time from her work as mother of the bird, Sarah shared her adventures with her feathered friend on her social networks.

She counts:

“A friend of mine said, ‘Oh my gosh, he looks like Kevin, the bird from the movie Up.’ And Kevin’s name just stuck. We don’t really know if Kevin is a girl or a boy, but we refer to her as her and call her Kevin.

After the animals finish their recovery process, Sarah usually releases them, but Kevin seemed to feel comfortable with the family. The dove saw the woman as its mother, and Sarah says that animals, in the case of birds, imprint themselves if a human raises them.

Kevin dances happily whenever he sees his new mother approaching.

Sara says:

“When I enter the room, she starts screaming. It slaps its paws and flaps its wings. She wants the attention. “

Now that he had Sarah’s love, Kevin also wanted that of the rest of the family, and every morning he would have coffee with his human’s husband, enjoyed watching television as a family, and even playing with the couple’s son and teenage daughter. of Sarah.

Even his other rescued pets had a good reaction to the pigeon, so now Kevin was just another member of the family.

Sarah says:

«The three dogs are rescued. We have taken in kittens, birds; Whatever, we’ve had it. Dogs are like: ‘Yeah. We have another rescued. ‘ They are all really good with all the animals we help. “

At the moment, Kevin started his flying classes and is learning how to make good landings. The bird enjoys spending time in the garden area; it is certainly part of the family.

Sarah comments:

“Kevin is not going anywhere. We are in love. We did not expect to have a pigeon so attached to us. We are 100 percent enjoying this.



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