Please Can You Give Me Some Food!!!

Who would have thought that a cat with a pitiful appearance would be a family prince, this funny story made many lotus eyes widen in surprise at its acting level

The girl named N.N shared the incident as follows:

Seeing the dirty cat friend begging for food, the girl immediately took pity. Without overthinking, this guest quickly picked up all the food in his bowl and gave it to the cat to eat while he only ate noodles and beans.

The story will be touching, making many people warm if the owner of the cat, who is also the owner of the noodle shop, shouts: “Hey, give me some duck eggs you don’t eat. Are you cheating on customers again?”



According to the above sharing, a white cat ran to the table and looked pityingly for help when I was eating. Looking at it, it has a ring on it neckwear doesn’t seem like the smudgy look you’re seeing.

Without thinking, she put a lot of food on the table for him, and then when the owner’s voice came out, he was dumbfounded, it turned out that this was a final year student at the theater and film school who was going back to his hometown for summer vacation to help his father look after the restaurant.

The incident after sharing it on MXH made many people laugh about the beggar acting of this young cat, netizens have raised the big question, why hasn’t the theater and film school called her to go back to school?



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“She’s acting deeply, but she also invested in her visuals for the convenience of begging”

“Quickly grab some of his duck eggs and eat them right away”

“Who makes him look like a beggar”

“Society is so chaotic now, people are in love and jealous, dogs and cats are fooled by customers’ food”

“Look at your eyes because your face feels guilty, but you’re too fat”

“The pitiful eyes and the dirty face”

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