Puppy born paralyzed walks for the first time thanks to his personalized wheelchair

Benjamin Bunny is a charming puppy who was sadly born with a condition that prevents him from using his hind legs; Fortunately, the Bosley’s Place Rescue Center took care of the sweet puppy in its first days, feeding it with a bottle for several weeks. When Benjamin was strong enough, he was transferred to a foster family where they would take care of him.

His foster mother, named Beth Williams, runs a shelter called The Tucker Farm . The woman tried to help Benjamin with therapy for weeks, and seeing no improvement in his mobility, Beth decided to go with Walkin ‘Pets , a company focused on helping all kinds of animals to stand up and lead a normal life. There they manufactured a custom wheelchair for him.

Puppy that was born paralyzed walks thanks to its chair

According to People , Walkin ‘Pets designed an amazing fully customizable, adjustable chair for Benjamin, his new chair can be easily modified so it can adapt to the puppy as it grows.

Beth said in a statement:

“Benjamin loves his wheelchair, and wheelchair time is priceless for him! For now, we are spending short periods of time with the wheels on while we work to strengthen him, but Benny would stay on his Walkin ‘Wheels all day if we let him.



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Of course, the wheelchair is not the solution to all of Benjamin’s mobility problems. Neurologists diagnosed the puppy with a severe spinal deformity behind the shoulders.

Benjamin still shows signs of movement in his hind legs, but according to vets, this is not a sign that the puppy can regain mobility.

The mother of the adorable puppy ensures that when she uses her chair, the little one lights up completely.

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The woman added:

«I love its independence with its wheels. We are often out here so the way you can move freely and get what you need is life changing for all of us. Benny doesn’t seem to waste time feeling sorry for his disability, but he takes delight in what he has.

Due to problems with his spine, Benjamin will not be able to walk fully on his four legs, but thanks to his new wheelchair he can move in a way that does not cause any pain.

Until they find the perfect home for this sweet boy, Bosley’s Place and The Tucker Farm have taken care of Benjamin’s care and medical bills together.

To help cover Benjamin’s medical expenses, a GoFundMe campaign has been created where those interested in helping can make their donations.

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