Rescue A Cat Stuck In A Tree At A Height Of 20 Meters

A real rescue operation unfolded in Hamburg. The woman, as usual, let her cat out for a walk. What was her surprise when she did not appear at home at the usual time? When it got dark on the street, she went in search, but they also did not bring results.

The next day, the woman, in despair, did not know what to do and was going to put up notices about the loss of her beloved cat, but then the doorbell rang. The neighbor reported that her cat was sitting in a tree and could not climb down.



When the woman went outside, she was in shock! Her beloved cat, named Kane, sat at a height of twenty meters and mewed plaintively. Any attempts to coax the animal to descend have failed. The cat was afraid to even move, then I had to resort to the help of firefighters.

The woman called the service, and her request was initially refused. But she continued to persuade, and as a result, a fire brigade was sent to the place. All the neighbors went outside to look at this amazing rescue.



When the fireman went up to Kane, she looked at him with frightened eyes and dug her claws into the tree. I had to make an effort to get it off him. The unfortunate cat was delivered to the caring hands of the owner, and the firefighters were thanked for their work.



The cat went through real stress and then for a week refused to go out at all. But in the caring hands of the hostess, she quickly regained her confidence. We hope she will no longer climb so high and disturb herself and others.

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