Rescue A Kitten Was Found Choking In The Mud Behind A Pile Of Scrap Metal!

It takes a few people to save this kitten! Fortunately, there are still people in the world who care about the fate of abandoned animals. This story takes place two years ago, on a cold November day.

The rescue team received a message that a small kitten needed help. Someone found the kitten stuck in the mud under a pile of scrap metal. The animal was able to crawl forward a little, but with little strength it could hardly get out.



The workers needed to scratch all this dirt to save the poor cat, and they successfully saved it. The kitten was urgently transferred to the veterinary clinic. It seemed relatively thin and hypothermic. The kitten is named Dan. The cat was very weak, but thanks to the efforts of the doctors and paramedics, he was able to get up.

Dan gradually recovered and was well again the next morning. The cat is full of energy and even plays with the rescuers, the cat feels that he is in the atmosphere of his family and begins to slowly settle down in this room.


Soon the kitten had new owners, and this owner had another cat named Oscar. It can be said that Oscar is fun! It always greets me warmly, helping Dan and the other kittens quickly adjust to their new place! This story is another reminder that miracles still happen to poor animals like Dan!

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