Rescue The Abandoned Cat Is Crying On The Street, His Leg Hurts And He Hasn’t Had Food For A Long Time

At one of the chain grocery stores in Samara, a skinny red cat was crying. He had trouble with his paws, he had not eaten normally for a long time, and he suffered from pain.

People walked by until someone who was not indifferent turned to one of the most experienced zoo volunteers in the city – Lana.



Despite the workload and the abundance of wards, she did not pass by the misfortune of the red-haired tramp. He was rushed to the vet.

Unfortunately, one of the damaged paws had to be amputated: the cat walked for too long with this injury.



The pitiful poor man was constantly crying but endured everything that the doctors did to him. Lana named her new ward Ridge.

Slowly, Ridge began to recover from the operation and get used to living in new conditions for himself. He ate and slept a lot, and soon began to purr affably when people approached his cell.



The four-year-old cat was always waiting for someone to give him affection and love. Soon, Ridge was allowed to leave for Lana’s home overexposed.

There, the cat noticeably perked up and felt even better. The absence of a paw did not bother him at all, and sometimes he ran faster than his four-legged furry friends!



Ridge turned out to be a very active, affectionate, and understanding cat. He was easily given a tray, and most of all he liked to rush around the house, eat tasty food and caress people. It became clear that he could look for a permanent home.

Elena turned out to be a person with a big heart, who decided to become Ridge’s mistress. The red-haired gentleman quickly realized that he was now a permanent member of this family.



He made friends with the second cat and established his own rules in the house: you need to feed him strictly at 6:30 in the morning, otherwise, he will ask very persistently and loudly.

Elena describes Ridge as a very smart and very voracious cat that she and her husband simply adore. Judging by the photo, Ridge’s life, as they say, was a success.

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