Rescue The Cat Born With A Very Rare Deformity – The Front Legs Are Too Weak!

Kanga was born with a very rare condition – her front legs were too weak to support her body weight. The previous owners decided that the best solution for the pet was to let it have a humane death, but its fate was different!

When the cat was brought to the clinic, one of the staff members didn’t prepare her for the procedure but just got the cat supplies from the previous owners! She decided to save the baby from euthanasia and contacted the animal shelter, where they would have the cat join the equipment of special animals. They brought Kanga to their center.



The cat was examined, and the doctor came to a disappointing conclusion – the disease cannot be cured. However, a cat with such a diagnosis can go on to live a long life with good care! A kind woman named Joyce discovered this kitten and, after consulting with her family, decided to bring her home.

“I saw a video of her that the animal camp staff posted on social media and fell in love! I had to wait a few weeks for the kitten to grow up, but soon I was allowed to take it home,” Joyce said. In her new place, Kanga meets two other cats, who are very welcoming to her. They take care of Kanga as if she were their sister.


Kanga grows up very fast and turns into a real beauty! After a while, several kittens appeared in Joyce’s house. Surprisingly, Kanga started taking care of them like a mother. And recently, Joyce adopted another kitten with the same disorder as Kanga.



There is an instant strong bond between them! Kanga tries to spend all her time with the kittens. This lovely and kind cat proves that animals with birth defects can still live a full and happy life!

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