Rescue The kitten Is Lying On The Window Of A Pet Store, The Woman Thinks He Is Dying…!

An American flew to South Korea for work. On the last day of the business trip, she went to see the surroundings of Seoul.

Passing by a pet store, a small white kitten caught the woman’s attention in the window. It didn’t move, it was dirty, and there was matted cat litter in the fur.



In addition, he had some problems with his eye, and the woman thought that the kitten was dead. But looking closer, she saw a barely noticeable breath.

The woman, without hesitation, ran into the store. The seller was not going to take any action about the kitten, and she decided to buy it for two hundred dollars.

When she brought the baby to her room, the kitten cheered up a little. After drinking and eating, he even began to show interest in the surroundings.

The woman named him Raven. She did not have the opportunity to take the kitten to a veterinarian in South Korea, so she did it immediately upon arrival in the US.



After examination, the veterinarian did not find any serious diseases, but the weight of the kitten caused him concern. Fluffy was five weeks old and weighed very little.

The eye of the cat also did not cause concern to the veterinarian, but after a couple of days, it became very inflamed. The woman went to another veterinarian, where the kitten has prescribed deworming drugs and eye drops. The woman already had a pet at home, a big cat named Boba, and he immediately took a dislike to little Thompson.

The woman did not stop taking care of her new pet, the result was not long in coming. Very soon, the cat began to gain weight.

Fortunately for Raiven and the woman, Boba also began to show friendliness towards the kitten. Now baby Raven is thirteen weeks old and already weighs one and a half kilograms. They turned out to be a really friendly family!

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