Rescue The Poor Cat Stuck In The Drain Hole Of The Trash Can. It Quietly Awaits Its Fate.

Among the scrap metal, massive equipment, and industrial garbage cans, the workers of the plant noticed a small unassuming captive. Caught in trouble, the cat did not utter a sound and humbly waited for someone to notice her.

Most likely, the cat was frightened of her helpless state and was afraid to attract attention to herself, as she was not used to waiting for help.

Factory workers noticed this strange cat face sticking out of a hole in an industrial waste bin. They did not immediately understand what happened and how the animal got there. This story took place in the Australian state of Victoria. The little cat got its head stuck in the drain hole of the tank.



Unable to get out, she calmly looked around and waited for someone to help. Workers immediately contacted the Victoria Rescue Center. Retrieving the prisoner was no easy task. Attempts to pull out the cat’s head with lubricants failed. The cat began to meow in pain when the rescuers tried to pull her out.



Sharp edges turned into a trap. Rescuers were forced to call for help from the fire department. After a lot of jewelry work, firefighters successfully removed part of the drain. The frightened and tired kitty was free! Although she was shaking with fear, she was very glad to be saved.



Rescuers named the patient cat Viper. “Frozen and weak, the cat visibly regretted her curiosity, but knew that she was now safe,” rescuers from the Victoria Rescue Center wrote.

The kitty was treated at the veterinary clinic, and now the beautiful Viper will continue her recovery at overexposure with caring guardians. As soon as she is ready, she will start looking for a new home. We wish Viper happiness and a speedy recovery!

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