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Rescue The Poor Cat With Deformed Legs

From the outside, everyone thought that this poor cat was born disabled, but a kind person found me and took me to take pictures X-ray, then discovered the extremely pitiful truth



Because its front legs are folded up, it can only stand on its hind legs. When it finds a piece of food, it gets out from under the car. It struggled for balance, walked over to the food and took a bite, then staggered back under the car. The video is only a few seconds but has brought many viewers to tears.What did this little cat go through, why did it become like this, and how did it survive



How? There are many questions raised after seeing this pitiful image. After a long time, the young people nearby finally caught the kitten at that time still very fearful and aggressive towards humans.



After being sent to the hospital, the cat seems to gradually realize that people are, I tried to save myself, so I started to be more cooperative. When held by the doctor in his arms, the cat was no more ferocious struggle.



The examination process was completed, the doctors said that the cat was born without any defects but scars. This injury is caused by human impact. Someone purposely broke his leg upside down this poor cat out the back.



The cat is nicknamed “Angel” because of a disability that causes its front legs to drag elongated upwards like “a pair of wings”. “This is a terrible case of animal abuse and I hope Angel will not suffer any pain after the surgery”, the person adopted and gave poor animal to share hospital. It is known that Angel will have surgery to correct her legs, and now the animal is unlucky had a new home with a caring, loving owner.